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六氨基氯化钴做为广谱抗病毒药物 hexamine cobalt trchloride as a broad spectrum antiviral
发布者:管理员 发布时间:2021-08-10 09:45:53 浏览次数:912

Hexamminecobalt (III) Chloride as a Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Complex 

Eddie L. Chang1 *, Gene G. Olinger2 , Lisa E. Hensley2 , Calli M. Lear2 , Corinne E. Scully2 , Marie K. Mankowski3 , Roger G. Ptak3 , Dzung C. Thach4 and D. Andrew Knight5 1Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering, 4555 Overlook Avenue SW, Washington, DC20375, US


Metal ion complexes have the potential to form novel types of antiviral compounds, due to their ability to form octahedral and square-planar molecular geometries and their intrinsic charge density. Previously it has been shown that hexamminecobalt(III) chloride (Cohex) has antiviral properties against Sindbis virus (SINV) and adenovirus. Here, we report that Cohex also exhibits activities against two isolates of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the Zaire Ebola (ZEBOV) strain expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP). The therapeutic indices for antiviral activity against the HIV isolates were similar to that found for SINV. Cohex was also effective in decreasing the host translation of viral GFP in four different cell-lines infected with ZEBOV. Toxicity studies in mice found no deleterious effects at up to 8 mg/kg. The 8 mg/kg concentration also prolonged survival of mice infected with ZEBOV. These results point to the potential of Cohex as a new type of broad-spectrum antibiotic compounds

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